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Recognition of excellence amongst riverfly ambassadors...

Many congratulations to..  Prof Steve Ormerod - newly elected Chair of RSPB Council (8 Oct).

Countryfile joins S&TA's John Slader to monitor riverflies on the Itchen

Countryfile's Matt Baker joins John Slader from The Salmon & Trout Association on the gin clear waters of the Itchen chalk stream.  John shares his knowledge of fly fishing, mimicking the Blue winged olive and monitoring water quality using he RP Riverfly Monitoring Initiative. See here. First broadcast 14 October.  Fishing/WBO and riverfly monitoring @ 25 & 43 mins respectively.

Love Your River campaign - Environment Minister monitors riverflies on the Chess

Richard Benyon Environment Minister and James Cracknell join Allen Beechey from Chiltern AONB and River Chess Association to monitor riverflies as part of the Love Your River campaign.  

Riverfly photography competition

October is your last chance to send in pictures to the Great British Riverfly Photography Competition.

A new invasive shrimp in the UK

A new invasive freshwater shrimp has been found in the West Midlands. Dikerogammarus haemobaphes was found on the River Severn at Tewkesbury, the Bevere near Worcester, and also in two Worcestershire canals.

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