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The Riverfly Partnership Species and Habitat Group was formed in 2008 to deliver the RP’s work on riverfly populations; the conservation of rare and threatened riverfly species and their habitats through awareness raising, collaborative work, projects and research. The group includes representatives from Salmon & Trout Association, Natural England, Environment Agency, Wild Trout Trust, Association of Rivers Trusts and Riverfly Recording Schemes amongst others.

For further information see the RP Species and Habitat pages on the Buglife website.

Images of riverflies

Biodiversity Action Plan species from left: Baetis niger © Stuart Crofts; Hagenella clathrata © Matthew Wallace; Isogenus nubecula © Mike Hammett

Eight Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) riverfly species

There are eight riverflies designated as BAP species in the UK. BAP species status means that there is a government responsibility to protect these species.

The Species and Habitat Group is gathering information, carrying out surveys, developing information resources and identifying the conservation work required for these species. Through the delivery of conservation action and communication the RP is working towards halting the decline of these species.

The Anglers' Riverfly Monitoring Initiative further underpins this work through helping to protect the water quality of our rivers and ensuring their good ecological status.

The RP acknowledge Natural England Countdown 2010 Fund which is supporting riverfly BAP work in England 2008-2011.

Stoneflies Northern february red Rare medium stonefly

Caddisflies  Small grey sedge Window winged sedge Scarce grey sedge Scarce brown sedge

Mayflies Southern iron blue Yellow mayfly

Species dossiers and management sheets have been produced for all of the BAP riverfly species. These can be downloaded from Buglife

Northern February red Brachyptera putata

This stonefly is unusual as it only occurs in Britain making it a British 'endemic' species. It occurs mainly in Scotland,  with a few sites in England and Wales. The species is vulnerable to acidification, chemical pollution and high nutrient levels. Survey work and research is being carried out to provide a better understanding of its life cycle. For more information, see the northern February red species dossier and management sheet, available to download from Buglife.

Rare medium stonefly Isogenus nubecula

This stonefly occurs only on the river Dee and was last found in 1995. However the species wasn't identified during recent surveys in 2004/06. Threats to this species include pollution (industrial and agricultural); it is also vulnerable to extreme conditions, for example, floods and droughts . Further surveys are required on the river Dee in addition to research work on its behaviour and habits. For more information, see the rare medium stonefly species dossier and management sheet, available to download from Buglife.

Images of riverflies