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Diary of Events

Are you an Anglers’ Riverfly Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) participant who is keen to further your freshwater invertebrate skills and knowledge?

Riverfly Partnership host, the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) offers a range of courses that can help you do just that. The following provides a short explanation of ARMI and the logical ‘next steps’: Entomology for Anglers levels 1-3, and the Sampling and Identifying Freshwater Invertebrates course.  

ARMI is a bottom up citizen science initiative that facilitates regular monitoring of river water quality by trained volunteer monitors at river sites across the UK, to complement the more detailed work carried out by the UK environmental Agencies, i.e., the Environment Agency (EA) in England, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales and Northern Ireland Environment Agency. The one-day ARMI workshop provides standardised training in Health & Safety, Biosecurity, site selection, sampling methodology and equipment, identification and recording of the 8 ARMI ‘target’ invertebrate groups, and, acute pollution detection and reporting. It is important to attend this course if you want to carry out ARMI on your local waterway, in conjunction with your local ARMI group and EA ecology contact.


Severn Rivers Trust, in partnership with the Catchment Based Approach Partnerships, is offering a Riverfly training day. The workshops is free to attend and lunch is provided, timings are from 9.30am to 4pm. Places are available at the workshop on the following date:

Thursday11th October in Churchstoke, Wales

To reserve a place please call the Severn Rivers Trust office at 01886 888394 or contact Lisa Barlow via 


The Entomology for Anglers (EfA) courses are designed to link freshwater invertebrate identification skills with angling observation and execution skills. Participants can progress through EfA levels 1-3, one after the other, developing larval identification beyond ARMI and introducing adult identification, and, covering fly-tying tips and information from Stuart Crofts and Andrew Dixon. As the course title suggests, EfA levels 1-3 offers knowledge and skills development for anglers and non-anglers alike.

The Sampling and Identifying Freshwater Invertebrates two-day course involves the collection and identification of aquatic invertebrates from running water habitats, features sampling methods, bankside sorting and lab-based identification, and, is a natural progression after completion of EfA levels 1, 2 and 3 or Riverfly ARMI training.

The Entomology for Anglers and Sampling and Identifying Freshwater Invertebrates courses have already run for this year.  They tend to take place in June. Details are available on the FBA website. 


Riverfly Partnership (RP) events, talks and Anglers Riverfly Monitoring Initaitive (ARMI) workshops are listed here.

Riverfly events and courses held by RP partner organisations are also listed. The Riverfly Partnership holds no responsibility for partner events and courses.