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15 January Yorkshire ARMI meeting - Environment Agency, Clifton Moor, York

5 February Freshwater Recorders workshop - Natural History Museum, London

7 February Chilterns, Herts & Middlesex Hub Riverfly Day - Latimer Park, Herts

7 & 8 February British Fly Fair International - Staffordshire County Showground

12 February Esk and Coastal Streams Catchment Partnership ARMI support day - Danby

13 February Esk and Coastal Streams Catchment Partnership ARMI workshop - Danby

18 February Earthwatch Lecture - Freshwater: The World's Biggest Challenge - Royal Geographical Society, London

21 February Ballinderry Rivers Trust ARMI workshop and support day - Cookstown, Northern Ireland

7 March Clyde River Foundation 'Caring for the Clyde' - Citizen Science Meeting - University of Glasgow

7 March Wharfedale ARMI workshop

7 March Wear Rivers Trust ARMI workshop

7 March Staffordfordshire Invertebrate Science Fair - Staffordshire University Science Centre

14 March Chilterns, Herts & Middlesex Hub ARMI workshop

14 March Devon Wildlife Trust Hub ARMI Workshop

17 March Wear Rivers Trust ARMI workshop

19 March PSFFA ARMI workshop

20 March London Freshwater Group special meeting with the Earthwatch Institute "People and freshwater science" - The Linnean Society, London

21 March PSFFA ARMI workshop

21 March Calder and Colne Rivers Trust ARMI workshop

24 March Wear Rivers Trust ARMI workshop

25 March Pettigo and District Angling Association ARMI workshop - Northern Ireland

28 March Bristol Avon Rivers Trust ARMI workshop - Radstock, Bath and North East Somerset

14 April 'Beneath the Waterline' a film by Jack Perks - Bristol Screening

17 April Essex Wildlife Trust Hub ARMI workshop

18 April Dorset Wildlife Trust Hub ARMI school taster event - Gillingham, Dorset

21 April Dorset Wildlife Trust ARMI school taster event - Bryanston, Dorset

22 April Test and Itchen Catchment Partnership ARMI taster event - Colden Common

23 April Chilterns, Herts & Middlesex Hub ARMI Workshop - Latimer Park, Herts

25 April River Thame Conseration Trust ARMI workshop

25 April Wharfedale ARMI workshop - Leeds

29 April 'Discover the Riverflies of Exmoor' - Lynmouth

13 May Loughborough University ARMI workshop

14 May CRIMP ARMI workshop

16 May Eden Rivers Trust ARMI workshop

16 May Entomology for Anglers Level 1 - Freshwater Biological Association, Cumbria

17 May Devon Wildlife Trust Hub ARMI workshop

19 May Tees Rivers Trust ARMI workshop - Darlington

23 May Big Nature Day event - Natural History Museum, London

29 May Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project ARMI workshop

30 May Dorset Wildlife Trust Hub annual meeting

30 & 31 May Galloway Fisheries Trust ARMI workshop

31 May to 5 June 2015 International Joint Meeting on Ephemeroptera & Plecoptera - John Hutton Institute, Aberdeen in assosication with the Riverfly Partnership, the Freshwater Biological Association, the Salmon & Trout Association, Buglife, Riverfly Recording Schemes

5 June Forestry Commision ARMI workshop - Lyndhurst

6 June Entomology for Anglers Level 2 - Freshwater Biological Association, Cumbria

16 July ARMI Cymru meeting - Cardiff University

25 & 26 July Lincolnshire Rivers Trust ARMI workshops

29 August Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project ARMI workshop

30 August Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project ARMI support day

8 September Exmoor ARMI workshop - Lynmouth

12 September Action for the River Kennet Hub ARMI workshop


7 June Wandle Piscators ARMI Workshop. Places still available, contact Will Tall by email for further information and to register interest

3-8 August 10th European Congress of Entomology, York hosted by The Royal Entomological Society Email to register interest

19 August Severn Rivers Trust – Riverfly Conference
The Trust will be holding its second Severn, Teme and Warwickshire Avon riverfly conference on Tuesday 19th August 2014 at the Croft Suite, Worcester Racecourse, 9am to 12am. This will be a free event with lunch provided and further details will be released in the near future. Numbers will be limited so to reserve your place please email or call 07817 622919 as soon as possible

18 September Severn Rivers Trust - ARMI workshop at Worfield village hall, Worfield, Shropshire. Contact or call 07817622919 for more information or to register your interest.

18 October Balinderry Rivers Trust - ARMI workshop, contact for details and to register

19 November Riverfly Partnership Conference for coordinators and tutors, contact for more information. Please note that booking is essential.

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