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Have you experienced problems with ARMI data missing in the online data repository?

A number of ARMI coordinators and monitors have recently reported missing data when reviewing records within the online Riverfly Partnership (RP) data repository. The issues were immediately reported to the FBA technical team and RP is happy to report that the missing data bug has now been fixed and extensively tested to ensure correct functionality has fully resumed. Overall ARMI scores were not affected because they are saved on data submission, the issues were caused by a variable not working correctly during data extraction, affecting some data records.

Opportunity for anglers to contribute to Cefas project - Engaging anglers as citizen scientists


Engaging anglers as citizen scientists

Cefas are working to engage anglers as citizen scientists to map the distribution and health of wild freshwater and marine fish. To achieve this we are developing a free electronic logbook (smartphone app) as a reporting platform, which we hope anglers will also find valuable for recording their fishing experiences.

Autumn Newsletter

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The profile of a ‘perfect’ invader – the case of killer shrimp, Dikerogammarus villosus

Killer shrimp

Click here for link to a 2014 review of the killer shrimp, as published in Aquatic Invasions (2014) Volume 9, Issue 3


River Partnership Conference for RP Tutors, ARMI Hub Coordinators and Group Coordinators - Wednesday 19th November, Flett Theatre, Natural History Museum (NHM), London

RP would like to invite all RP tutors, ARMI Hub and Group coordinators to attend a one-day conference in the Flett Theatre, NHM, London. The conference will consist of five morning presentations followed by afternoon breakout sessions, feedback and discussion. Please see the draft format below for more details.

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