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National Insect Week 25 June - 1 July

National Insect Week (NIW) began on Monday 25 June, with events taking place across the UK through to Sunday 1 July. Find fascinating insect facts, follow the NIW blog and get details of all the events on the website. This is a great time of year to head out in search of riverflies, with the added incentive that this year's Riverfly Photography Competition opened this week as part of NIW.

Killer shrimp discovered in the Norfolk Broads

A dedicated monitoring programme has revealed small numbers of the Killer shrimp, Dikerogammarus villosus, in an area of Barton Broad, Norfolk. This is a highly invasive non-native species, currently known only from three other sites in England and Wales. If the shrimp became established and widespread in the UK it could pose a serious threat to native species.

The Riverfly Partnership Spring Newsletter

Anglers’ Monitoring Initiative season fast approaching, Orange-striped stonefly survey, new adult caddis key and more in the Spring Newsletter 2012.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Orange-striped stonefly

The Orange-striped stonefly is the subject of a new survey by the Riverfly Recording Schemes. British populations of the Orange-striped stonefly have recently been classified as a seperate species to Perlodes microcephalus, a species common across the rest of Europe. The new name for the British species is Perlodes mortoni. We need to know the distribution of Orange-striped stoneflies in the UK to confirm its species status and help inform conservation action.

RES handbook of adult caddisflies

Caddis experts Peter Barnard and Emma Ross have authored the new RES Handbook of The adult Trichoptera (caddisflies) of Britain and Ireland. Whether interested in caddis from an angling or freshwater perspective, or a moth trapper wanting to find out more about caddis bycatch, this guide is set to be the standard work on identifying adult caddisflies for years to come. Available from The Field Studies Council for £29.50.

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