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Riverfly Plus

Riverfly Plus is a term which refers to freshwater focused citizen science initiatives and projects (other than the Anglers' Riverfly Monitoring Initiative (ARMI)), currently being developed and delivered across the UK. Each project aims to conserve and improve elements of the freshwater ecosytem, for example, water quality, by capturing and analysing information accoridng to specific methodologies. Riverfly Plus projects often develop as a result of demand from: existing ARMI monitors and partners, wishing to further understand their river ecosystem and deliver positive outcomes to address related issues; statutory bodies, looking to exploit capabilities and commitment of ARMI locally in order to complement and inform its own decision making, and, academic instituitons, seeking data to inform research about the functions and interactions of and between element sof the freshwater ecosystem. ARMI and Riverfly Partnership participants wishing to find out more information about specific Riverfly Plus initiaitves and projects, including how to get involved, can do so via the Riverfly Plus sub menus (location highlighted on image below). 

To read about ARMI, Extended Riverfly and Smart Rivers, including what each sheme is designed to do in terms of monitoring river water quality and how they are complementary, as opposed to competitive, RP and S&TC have created a helpful one page document.